Grow-as-You-Go VMware Storage with the Highest IOPS/$ in the Industry

When you virtualize your enterprise applications, you benefit from server consolidation and also gain the ability to rapidly deploy and scale your applications in tune with your business requirements.

Demand the same flexible scalability from your storage without the bottlenecks of traditional arrays. With the Coho DataStream storage system you can predictably scale performance, capacity, or both, without latency as your virtual servers demand more or grow in size.

Coho Data integrates with VMware’s vSphere™ allowing you to manage and monitor multiple vSphere environments through the vCenter Server console using our simple web-based UI. No storage provisioning necessary. View your storage from a VM-level, without the need for archaic constructs like RAID policies, LUN provisioning, or Host masking. We let you care about what matters; your VMs.

The Coho DataStream offers all-flash and hybrid storage arrays in a scale-out architecture that delivers the powerful performance your private or hybrid cloud requires with the simplicity of 15-minute provisioning, automated performance tuning and VMware management integration, without the price tag of all-flash arrays.

The Coho DataStream delivers:

  • VMware vSphere Integrated snapshots
  • Hardware-accelerated cloning of VMs
  • A single unified namespace without the need for storage provisioning.
  • Data protection with VMware SRM
  • Site-to-site replication with SiteProtect
  • Inline data compression
  • Integrations with VMware vCenter, SRM, VAAI and VCAI

Architecting Large Scale Virtualization Environments

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