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DataStream 1000h

The Promise
of the Cloud

While virtualization has transformed compute resources into a flexible utility the past decade, storage remains cumbersome to provision, maintain and optimize in comparison.

Leveraging their experience at XenSource supporting Amazon, the Coho Data team has built a high-performance, scale-out storage system based on open, commodity hardware building blocks that plug & play to deliver the simplicity and efficiency of web-scale IT in an on-premise appliance for your enterprise.

The flash-tuned Coho DataStream software architecture ensures bottleneck-free performance that scales linearly and automatically adapts to your application so you can stop spending time tuning your storage and more time using it.

Web-Scale Storage for the Enterprise is finally here.

Inspired by the Public Cloud,
Designed for Your Datacenter

Enterprise Storage is a Dinosaur

Despite fundamental shifts in workloads, interfaces, and technology, the major storage vendors continue to push the same thing they've been selling since Reagan was President: monolithic arrays.

Is Flash the Fix?

Flash has created lots interesting options for addressing performance issues, but whether all-flash or hybrid, these options do not challenge the architectural shortcomings that make enterprise storage so painful in the first place. Nearly all the options today slot SATA/SAS-attached flash into monolithic array architectures, resulting in limited scalability and rendering them valuable only as point solutions for top tier applications.

PCIe flash changes the game

Web-Scale IT: Not Just for Public Cloud

Over the last decade, web-scale infrastructure teams at cloud generation companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook realized that achieving flexible scale and optimal economics for storage would require an overhaul of how storage had been done to date. They've pioneered the use of commodity hardware paired with distributed systems software to stitch these building blocks into flexible, resilient storage services that scale on-demand.

These innovations are now ready to be leveraged in the enterprise to achieve both capital and operational efficiencies in the dynamic, private cloud that your organization is building.

Whether your data is in the public or private cloud, shouldn't you have the same level of scalability and efficiency?

What if you could take the best of web-scale, cloud generation architectures but have high performance and control in your datacenter?

Now you can.

Coho Data's Birth from the Cloud

Ramana, CEO
Keir, Chief Architect
Andrew, CTO
Key founders from the XenSource team founded Coho Data with the mission of democratizing the web-scale architecture they developed for Amazon's initial EC2 services for the enterprise.
Coho Data aims to deliver open scalability, predictable high performance and web-scale simplicity packaged in a modular solution designed to meet all your application needs.
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