Coho Data, in the News

BestinBiz Awards

Coho Data Wins Bronze for Best New Product of the Year – Enterprise Category

November 30, 2016

Brandon Butler - NETWORKWORLD

Hot products from VMWorld 2016

August 29, 2016

Database Trends and Applications

Coho Data Makes Push for Software-Defined Data Center

August 22, 2016

Garry Kranz - TechTarget

Coho Data QoS lets multi-tenant storage neighbors peacefully coexist

August 17, 2016


Coho Data enhances software defined data center platform, adds HDFS support

August 16, 2016


Coho Data Expands Portfolio Towards Making the SDDC a Reality

August 16, 2016

Coho Data Advances Software Approach to Building SDDCs


August 16, 2016

Coho Data SDN/SDS Platform Adds Support for HDFS


August 16, 2016

Coho Data DataStream 2.8 Announced

Storage Review

August 16, 2016

You know what's BDaaS? Getting rid of noisy multi-tenant neighbours

The Register - Chris Mellor

August 16, 2016

Coho Data Talks DataStream 2.8 and SDDC Market

VMblog - David Marshall

August 16, 2016

26 Companies that Prove the Cloud is Dominating Globally

Business Intelligence Group

July 20 2016

Time-to-Value in Big Data Deployments


Februaru 16 2016

Executives' Perspectives on the Evolution of Data Management


Februaru 12 2016

The network: Your next big storage problem

The Register

January 22 2016

Private cloud: Strategy and tactics from the big boys

The Register

December 21 2015

Does scaling out bring TCO advantages over scaling up?

The Register

December 10 2015

Coho Data Delivers DR for Enterprise Virtualization

Storage Newsletter

November 20 2015

Coho Data Supports New VMware Features

Storage Newsletter

July 22 2015

Russ Fellows quoted on Coho Data flash array

Garry Kranz, Evaluator Group

July 17 2015

Ignition Partners Raising Annex Fund to Reinvest in Top Prospects

Benjamin Romano, Xconomy

July 11 2015

Coho Updates DataStream Software

Adam Armstrong, Storage Review

June 3 2015

2015-05-28 | IOmark Releases VM Storage Benchmark Results for Coho Datastream All-Flash 2000F

Storage Newsletter

May 30 2015

Coho Reels In A $30M Series C To Fuel Future Storage

Ben Kepes, Forbes

May 21 2015

Coho Data goes all-flash with new scale-out array

Bob Plankers, Virtualization Practice

May 20 2015

Coho Data rallies $30 mln

Iris Dorbian, PE HUB

May 20 2015

Coho Data raises $30M to expand flash storage internationally

Gina Hall, Silicon Valley TechFlash

May 20 2015

Coho Data Raises $30 Million, Releases All-Flash DataStream Hardware

Pedro Hernandez, InfoStor

May 20 2015

Coho Releases All-Flash Array And Raises $30 Million In Funding

Adam Armstrong, Storage

May 5 20 2015

UBC Incubated Coho Data Raises $30 Million Series C Round

Rob Lewis, TechVibes

May 20 2015

Coho Data spawns all-flash MicroArray with fresh funding help

Chris Mellor, The Register

May 5 20 2015

IOmark Releases Virtual Machine Data Storage Benchmark Results For Coho DataStream All-Flash 2000F

Russ Fellows, Evaluator Group

May 20 2015

Coho Data: Series C Funding

Punching Clouds

May 20 2015

Coho Data Raises $30 Million in Series C Funding Led by March Capital Partners

Business Wire

May 20 2015

2014 Hybrid Storage Vendors and Comparison Guide

Julio Urquidi, Tom's ITpro

April 16 2014

Seven Hot Products from Storage Networking World

John Rath, Datacenter Knowledge

October 22 2013

Coho Data Emerges From Stealth With SDN Storage Appliance

Drew Robb, EnterpriseStorageForum

October 16 2013

Startup Coho Strives for Xen Harmony in Enterprise Storage.

Pedro Hernandez, Infostor

October 16 2013

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