Simplify Disaster Recovery with a Single Click

Ensuring business continuity under any circumstance should be as easy as simply selecting your critical applications and activating data protection with a single click.

Coho DataStream SiteProtect makes this a reality with a powerful but dramatically simple site-to-site replication solution that leverages snapshot-based, per-workload replication policies that are configurable in under a minute and supports RPOs as short as five minutes.

Active-Active site configuration lowers your total cost of ownership while flexible support for heterogeneous hardware at each site removes planning complexity.

Protect virtual workloads with VMware SRM

The Coho DataStream Site Replication Adapter (SRA) with VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) integrates natively with snapshots and replications, offering a simple, complete, easy to manage failover and recovery solution for your critical virtual machines.

Get the most of your disaster recovery solution with:

  • Fully-automated data protection, recovery and failover
  • Granular per-VM management
  • Customizable snapshot and replication policies
  • Fast recovery time
  • Non-disruptive failover testing for production workloads

Coho Data SiteProtectTM Solution Brief

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SiteProtect DataSheet

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VMware SRM Integration Solution Brief

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