Building Blocks for a Data-Centric Infrastructure

Coho’s software-defined storage approach enables the incorporation of the latest performance and density improvements that are continuously emerging in flash, server, and networking hardware.

Protect Your Storage Investment

The design of our system anticipates hardware heterogeneity and commoditization: the hardware you buy from us next year might be twice as fast but will still integrate seamlessly with the hardware you buy from us today so that your investment is protected and your infrastructure is future-proof.

Our DataStream product offerings include both hybrid and all-flash storage arrays. The DataStream 1008h (Hybrid) and DataStream 2000f (All-flash) can coexist in the same cluster all sharing a single namespace. Our storage solution allows you to manage multiple types and generations of hardware to deliver high performance for virtualized, native and big data applications in a single platform that is simple to manage. Buy what you need today, scale-out as you grow and migrate your data for the last time!

Evaluator Group Interview: All-Flash DataStream 2000f

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Which MicroArrays Do I Need?

When deciding between hybrid and all-flash storage arrays you need to understand your enterprise needs and workloads. While all-flash arrays make sense for high-end workloads like VDI, server virtualization, databases and analytics where low latency is a crucial requirement, hybrid arrays provide a cost-effective performance boost for variable workloads and general-purpose applications with more cold data than hot data.

Flash Tier (2000f)
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Hybrid Tier (1008h)
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Flash Tier Front (2000f)

Hybrid Tier Front (1008h)

  • 320,000 IOPS Read Only
  • 220,000 IOPS R/W
  • 11 – 93 TB / 2U*
  • 4x 1.6TB PCIe Flash
  • Up to 24x SSD
  • 4x Intel Xeon CPUs
  • 4x 10 GbE NICs
  • 180,000 R/W
  • 100 TB / 2U*
  • 4x 1.6TB PCIe Flash
  • 12x 8TB SATA HDD, 7200 RPM
  • 4x Intel Xeon CPUs
  • 4x 10 GbE NICs
All Chassis
  • Active Directory Login, Secure web-based UI, REST APIs, SMTP, Syslog & SNMP, Powershell Plug-in
  • 1/10GbE, 10GBASE-T, SFP+ or QSFP+
System Support
  • Protocol: VMware NFS, OpenStack
  • Software: VMware vSphere v, 5.x, v6.x, VAAI Plug-in, SRM 5.8 and 6.0
Fault Tolerance
  • Multi-switch Redundancy
  • Redundant Hot-swap PSUs
  • Redundant Network Links
  • VMware SRM Integration
  • Cluster-wide Data Protection and CRC Data Integrity
  • Hot-swap MicroArrays, HDDs/SSDs
  • Site-to-Site Async Replication
Power / Environmental
  • Input (VAC): 100-140, 200-240 (Hz) 50-60
  • Current (A): 8-12, 6-8
  • Watts (max): 1000W, 1280W
  • Thermal Rating (max): 34125 BTU/h
  • Operating Temperature: 32-95 F (0-35 C)
Power supplies:

  • USA: UL listed, FCC Class A
  • Canada: UL/CSA listed
DataStream Switch
Power / Environmental
  • Input (VAC): 100-140, 200-240 (Hz) 50-60
  • Current (A): 3.59-5.3, 1.65-2.2
  • Watts (max): 422W
  • Thermal Rating (max): 1439 BTU/h
  • Operating Temperature: 32-104F (0-40 C)
  • EMI: FCC Part 15,Class A, ICES-003 Class A, VCCI Class A
  • Safety: IEC/UL/CSA/EN 60950,CE, UL, TUV Mark

The Coho DataStream Datasheet

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