Driving the new wave of Rack-Scale Converged infrastructure for enterprise cloud

The Coho DataStream architecture takes full advantage of the emerging technologies that are reshaping IT. The Rack-Scale architecture delivers on current and future application demands, which require a new approach to storage infrastructure – one that is flash-tuned, ultra high performance, self-managing, and massively scalable.

What can the Coho Data Architecture do for you?

Software Defined Infrastructure for all your workload needs

The Coho DataStream architecture uses the rack as its design paradigm, creating a new foundational software stack that is better equipped to run, manage, and optimize data center operations. It is the only solution that integrates Software Defined Network (SDN) and Software Defined Storage (SDS) on commodity compute hardware to empower customers to cost effectively transforms their data centers into a source of competitive advantage.

Software-Defined Network (SDN)

  • OpenFlow based Leaf/Spine architecture provides high performance scalable backplane
  • SDN-integrated data path allows transparent scalability of a single IP address while preserving host and rack locality
  • Storage-aware SDN controller and constraint-based engine provide topology-aware placement of data and connections

Software-Defined Storage (SDS)

  • Scale-out distributed file system with rich enterprise data services
  • QoS/Multi-tenancy for performance and resource isolation
  • Workload Profiling: Continuous, compact summary of working set over time simplifies application sizing, burst detection and informed tiering

Automation and Orchestration

  • RESTful APIs and Microsoft PowerShell modules offer programmable access to each component that can be connected into orchestration and automation platforms
  • VMware VAAI, Site Recovery Manager (SRM) integration offers hardware accelerated cloning, snapshot and replication
  • OpenStack Cinder APIs for storage management and virtual machine level granular performance monitoring through single management pane
  • Google Kubernetes integration allows for orchestration and provisioning of containers directly on Coho DataStream nodes

The Coho DataStream Whitepaper

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Coho DataStream Software v2.9

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Future Ready Infrastructure

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