Rewriting the Rules of Storage

The Coho DataStream Architecture is designed to take full advantage of the emerging technologies that are reshaping IT. The new world of data demands a fundamentally new approach to storage: flash-tuned, ultra high-performance, self-managing, and massively scalable.

What can the Coho Data Architecture do for you?

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One Platform. Any Application.

Coho’s architecture is built on the foundation that storage should be simple to deploy, scales out on demand and self-optimizes so you can focus on more important things – like your business.

OpenFlow/SDN Enabled DataStream Switch

Datastream Services on the switch manage data placement, routing, load balancing and a distributed protocol service to support multiple data profiles in a single system that scales performance linearly.

Data Profiles deliver flexible durability, performance and protocol requirements for enterprise and big data applications.

DataStream Chassis

Standards-based open hardware offers flexible options that combine PCIe flash, SSDs and HDDs in MicroArray nodes that enable you to grow one node at a time with a single global namespace for the cluster.

DataStream MicroArray

MicroArray Nodes provides a balanced ratio of CPUs, networking, PCIe Flash and Hard drives to eliminate traditional controller bottlenecks and unlock full flash performance.

Data Hypervisor Software on the MicroArray virtualizes storage hardware to create a high performance, bare metal object store that scales to support different application needs without static storage tiers.

Data-Centric Infrastructure

Whether your data is in a virtualized application, an enterprise fileshare or is needed by a big data cluster, Coho's architecture provides a unified data-centric platform to deliver fast, flexible enterprise storage and access.

Coho Coast Operating Environment supports VMware NFS, OpenStack, native NFS, HDFS and direct app integration via RESTful APIs.


Predictable High Performance

The Coho DataStream’s flash-optimized, data-centric storage platform easily scales capacity and performance to support the applications of today and tomorrow. With the use of ultra-fast PCIe flash cards for hot data, the Coho architecture delivers high performance; up to 320,000 IOPS, at scale with zero bottlenecks.


Any App at Any Scale

Coho’s flash optimization, FlashFit™, determines the right amount of flash for applications as you scale. With built-in health monitoring, intelligent tiering, and analytics, the system can tune itself to meet your application’s needs. With support for virtualized, containerized and big data applications, Coho's grow-as-you-go architecture makes it usable for all your data at any scale.


No More Downtime or Migrations

Forecasting and purchasing big arrays for the next 3 years and having to plan for disruptive data migrations is a thing of the past. Coho’s flexible architecture allows you to buy what you need, when you need it. Simply add new generations and types of hardware into a single, seamless cluster that automatically load balances your data, making data migrations and downtime a thing of the past.

The Coho DataStream DataSheet

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Coho DataStream Software v2.6

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Single Namespace.
Any Capacity, Any Performance.

Automated Tiering

With Coho's Cascade tiering technology, managing islands of storage with different tiers for different applications becomes obsolete. Flexible DataStream configurations with high-performance PCIe flash, SATA-attached SSDs or HDDs, are combined to deliver the right performance for your unique application environment in a single platform. Cascade handles data placement across a DataStream cluster, allocating space on high performance flash for hot data and migrating colder data to disk, unifying performance management across the cluster without the need for painful manual migrations between LUNs and volumes.

Self-Tuning Flash Tier

With FlashFit, the Coho OnStream service collects and aggregates data from each system, leveraging analytics to prescriptively fit the right amount of flash for each customer's environment so there's no more guessing.

We truly believe that storage should be simple to deploy, scale out on-demand and self-optimizing so that you can focus on more important things.

The Coho DataStream White Paper

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Data-Centric Infrastructure Building Blocks

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