Together, providing the essential block storage for a cloud infrastructure that's built to scale

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True Scalability

Live in a world without bottlenecks brought to you by Cinder Block storage and software-defined networking.
Cinder Block

The Coho Data Cinder Block storage solution scales seamlessly in response to both capacity and performance demands, and in parallel with Nova's ability to scale compute.


The Coho Data software-defined networking switch distributes client connections and rebalances data at the network layer, automatically optimizing storage traffic and keeping the system clear of bottlenecks and hotspots.


Experience built-in operational efficiency at every stage of growth.
Deployment in Minutes

  • Deploying Coho Cinder storage into OpenStack is as simple as modifying a few configuration files and pointing to a single endpoint.
  • No vendor specific agent is needed to run on either controller or compute nodes.
  • Top-of-Rack SDN switches manage storage scaling without requiring any system changes, including physical cabling.

Effortless Upgrades

  • The Coho Data building block approach simplifies storage upgrade planning by providing predictable scale of both capacity and performance.
  • No forklift upgrade is required as multiple generations of MicroArrays can co-exist within the same cluster.
  • The shared-nothing architecture with fully redundant distributed storage model allows for non-disruptive operations and upgrades without stopping Cinder services.

Performance Reliability

Empower your system and your IT team to deliver full performance.
Distrubuted Workloads

The Coho Data solution’s use of
software-defined networking enables the distribution of mixed workloads across the system. This automatic rebalance of
workloads at the network layer provides optimal throughput and maximizes the utilization of storage resources.

VM-level Visibility

Coho Data’s unique, per-VM visibility feature simplifies performance troubleshooting of the OpenStack infrastructure by providing OpenStack VM-level real-time performance analytics directly through the Coho Data API or Management UI. This ability to track and monitor per-VM performance characteristics allows you to benefit from fine granular insight and management of your OpenStack environment.

Building Scalable OpenStack Storage

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Designing for Scalable OpenStack Block Storage

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Use Cases

Infrastructure Services

Swift response to high resource demands in service provider and internal application development environments.

Web Service & E-commerce

OpenStack cloud as a reliable backend of Web services and e-commerce at any scale.

Big Data Analytics

OpenStack Sahara allows data processing frameworks, including Hadoop and Spark, to be provisioned directly on top of OpenStack cloud

High Throughput Computing

HTC cloud maximizes throughput from available storage resources at any scale.


Scalable and reliable cloud DaaS provisioning support for various database engines, including both SQL and NoSQL.

Container Optimization

OpenStack Magnum enables full integration of the OpenStack API with orchestration engines like Kubernetes and Docker Swarm to manage application containers.

Deploying OpenStack Block Storage

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