Enterprise Private Cloud: The Full Feature Set

The DataStream is fully outfitted to meet the unique scale, performance, and management demands of your enterprise datacenter.


Rack Scale

Scale from TBs to PBs with optimal performance and resilience within a single system, while scaling seamlessly to multiple racks as you need them.

No Downtime

Grow-as-you-go without data migrations or forklift upgrades. Watch available capacity and performance grow automatically for each VM as chassis are added.

Mixed Hardware Clusters

All Coho hardware options are supported within the same cluster so you can mix distinct types of hardware to achieve the correct blend of performance and capacity for your specific needs.

Adaptive Network

Our OpenFlow-based data fabric dynamically adjusts to traffic changes, rebalancing connections based on node availability and IO load.

Multiple Generations

As your environment evolves, the Coho system supports the seamless integration of new generations of MicroArray hardware within the existing managed cluster.


The cluster continually optimizes itself to ensure resilience and performance is met.


High-performance network fabric

The Coho data fabric avoids IO bottlenecks with industry-leading high speed 10GbE and 40GbE switches providing line-rate, full bisectional bandwidth to every storage node.

Flash-first Tiering

All IO is accelerated by NVMe flash. Less frequently accessed data is tiering down at a very granular (sub-MB) level to provide fast, responsive, capacity efficient storage.

NVMe Performance

All storage options have very fast NVMe flash for accelerated performance.

100% Flash Solution (AFA)

For the most demanding workloads; a high performance PCIe flash tier combined with dense SSDs drives for efficient read performance and tiered writes.

FlashFit Data Analytics

Unique data analytics provide an in-depth understanding of how much flash each VM needs.

Simplified Management

Single Management Point

A single NFS IP address, single namespace for all your VMs, allowing you to add capacity and performance through a single web UI without moving VMs.

Per-VM Performance Reporting

Live charts displaying per-VM metrics such as IOPS, capacity, throughput, and latency.

System Health Management

Coho’s built-in OnStream feature delivers proactive management for overall system health with event-based alerts using Coho's built-in “phone home” technology.

Instant Provisioning (Instant Scale-out)

Scale the cluster without making any VMware-side configuration changes or network changes. Data is distributed across the cluster to include the new nodes - all plug-and-play.

Automated Data Tiering

Automatically promotes and demotes hot and cold data between tiers of storage within each chassis.

Features Summary


  • Rack scale
  • Non-disruptive upgrades
  • Non-disruptive node additions
  • Mixed node clusters
  • Adaptive network load balancing
  • Self-optimized data distribution


  • NVMe flash performance
  • Data Analytics (FlashFit)
  • 100% flash option
  • High-performance network fabric
  • Flash-first tiering

Simplified Management

  • Single Namespace
  • Instant scale-out
  • Automated data tiering
  • Per-VM performance reporting
  • Snapshot scheduler
  • System health management
  • Non-disruptive upgrades
  • Active Directory integration
  • SNMP and Syslog support
  • OnStream proactive assistance


  • VMware vCenter
  • VMware HCL, SRM plugin, VAAI, VCAI
  • OpenStack
  • Microsoft PowerShell

Data Resiliency

High Availability
  • Clustered architecture
  • Rapid rebuilds from component failure
  • Audit logging
  • Role-based access
Data Protection
  • Redundant data copies
  • Data integrity checks (CRC32)
  • Failure domains across hardware
  • Dual switch redundancy
  • Node redundancy
Site-to-site Asynchronous Replication
  • Active-Active cross site replication
  • Semi-automated VM recovery integrated with vCenter
  • Space-efficient delta copies
  • Encrypted data channel
  • WAN optimization with compression
  • VMware SRA available (SRM plugin)

Data Reduction

  • Compression
  • Thin provisioning
  • Pattern removal
  • Space-efficient snapshots and clones

Data Protocols

  • NFS for VMware v5.x, v6.x
  • OpenStack Cinder

The Coho DataStream Datasheet

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