How to Build the Ideal Storage Solution, Part 3: “Bring Me Your Applications!”

In the first part of this series I focused on the hardware used in Coho Data storage solution, and in the second part I described how Coho Data’s software distributed your data across that hardware to provide both performance and data…

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Architecting Large Virtualization Environments Using Web-Scale Storage

When virtualization first came on the scene earlier this millennium, projects were generally limited to non-strategic server consolidation efforts and ancillary services. Mission critical services remained firmly in the physical world. Over the next few years, though, as the hypervisor…

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How to Build the Ideal Storage Solution: Part 2 - “It’s the software, stupid!”

In part one of this series I explained how a Coho Data storage solution uses the best in commodity hardware offerings to build the next generation of web-scale storage arrays. Now hardware is, of course, incredibly important to any storage…

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How to Build the Ideal Storage Solution: Part 1 - Hardware

  Last week at VMworld 2014 I met Andrew Warfield the CTO and co-founder of Coho Data. We were both heading to the Expo center one morning to meet with others and to prepare the booth for that day’s activities….

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Step right up: Why I’m excited about VMworld 2014.

In about two weeks, somewhere between twenty and thirty thousand IT professionals will descend on the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco for what is arguably the largest spectacle of enterprise technology that exists today.  VMworld is enormous.  It is…

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The data center needs to change… and fast!  Legacy data center models are simply not able to keep pace with current and emerging business needs.  Moreover, even some modern data center architectures are more focused on technical outcomes rather than…

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VMworld 2014 pass from Coho Data

Update: Thanks to everyone that entered, we are excited to announce the winner of the full pass is: Isaac Levenson Excited about VMworld 2014? Looking for a pass? Coho Data has you covered! We are giving away a FULL conference pass…

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2014 Web-scale Storage report

What does web-scale storage mean to you?  How are people’s existing environments configured?  Are they ready or not ready to leverage some of the significant benefits that web-scale storage brings to bear?  Do people even understand what web-scale means? These…

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Managing Storage or 4 hour Root Canal Everyday?

Managing storage in an IT environment has always been a source of constant pain. It can be equated with getting a root canal without the novacaine and done over and over with no end in site. These problems still haven’t…

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Letting it all scale out

  I must own about 30 power cables for my notebook.  I forget the things everywhere.  I can’t seem to go on a family vacation without realizing that I’ve left my cable at home, and then have to spend and…

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