The private cloud is dead

Long live the private cloud. There has been a lot of discussion (perhaps gesticulation is a better word) this week in the wake of the announcement that Dell, a massive and privately held server company, is about to borrow a…

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Your AFA is not a hot dog

“Lips, hooves, and arsles.” When I was in college I had a roommate that grew up on a farm.  Whenever we went shopping for groceries, he couldn’t resist commenting as we passed by the hot dogs: “Right, 100% all beef….

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Welcome to the age of craft infrastructure.

When I was a college student, there were two or three major breweries in Canada.  All their beer tasted the same, but we (as Canadians) took comfort in the fact that at least it had something along the lines of…

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Active data, not passive storage.

TL;DR: Today, Coho is announcing support for running containerized applications within our enterprise storage system.  This is the beginning of something really, really cool. Now, the longer version. For as long as I have been alive, my father’s basement has…

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Boot storm results from High-Performance VDI power user desktops

One of our customers recently shared the performance data for their Virtual Desktop environment with us and we are excited to share the results. We hope this will help give a better insight into how Coho storage handles a real-world VDI…

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Coho DataStream 2.5 release

We are mid-way through the year and we are all super excited to bring you version 2.5 of our DataStream product. This marks the 4th product release this year and we will continue to innovate aggressively! As a startup we…

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Why you don't need Vvols in Coho Data

Why Coho’s Users don’t need vSphere Virtual Volumes (VVols) Having driven the design of vSphere’s feature Virtual Volumes (VVols) as a product manager for what feels like an eternity after almost 4 years, you would naturally assume my first task…

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We have some storage to share: The Coho All-Flash 2000f

At last I can talk about something we’ve been working on hard on this year. Today, we have some storage to share: The Coho All-Flash 2000f. Personally, as a Technical Product Manager here at Coho, I’ve had the privilege of…

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Coho DataStream 2.4 release

We recently release version 2.4 of our DataStream Software. Here are the details of what is in the release. The release is applicable to all versions of our hardware and our customers can upgrade without any downtime, in fact, the upgrade…

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Docker in your Data:  Data Services as Microservices

In 1953, Norman Larsen discovered a way to keep nuclear missiles dry. As a 33 year-old, largely self-educated chemist and inventor, Larsen had been working for years to develop a compound that would prevent moisture from collecting on the thin…

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