Flash Storage - Worth Its Weight In… Aluminum?

Flash Storage – Worth Its Weight In… Aluminum?

I want to talk about flash storage. That amazing high speed medium that delivers high performance at a costly price. You are probably familiar with the old saying “Worth its weight in gold!” Well, flash is not worth its weight…

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Five recent results in high-performance data paths.

Five recent results in high-performance data paths.

First, a little context: Co-op at Coho At this time of year, Coho’s engineering team interviews applicants for co-op (4 month) and intern (12 month) student placements on the team. We take these student placements really seriously: it’s an opportunity…

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Technologies that transform.

Technologies that transform.

Change fascinates me.  It always has. More specifically, I’m talking about imposed change.  Not the weather, not the seasons, not the length of your hair.  The act of making a calculated and directed change, of moving a complex system from…

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The 80/20 rule...  for storage systems.

The 80/20 rule… for storage systems.

The 80/20 rule is often attributed to an Italian economist named Vilfredo Pareto. Born in 1848, Pareto was (inspirationally at least) one of the early members of the occupy movement: he observed that 80% of Italy’s wealth at that time…

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Site to Site Replication: How It Works

Site to Site Replication: How It Works

We recently added a big feature to our storage system: site to site replication. An earlier post gave an overview of the feature, SiteProtect — what it’s for, why it’s important, and how it’s used. This post is a followup…

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Same old thinking equals same results

6 Words to Kill Your IT Career With: “That’s How We’ve Always Done It!”

Like many folks in IT, when I first started out in this business, I was on the help desk. It was back then that I learned the fundamental rule of surviving in this profession: What makes you money today will…

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Site to Site Replication for storage

Getting More from Scale-out Storage: Site to Site Replication

Here at Coho, our primary focus is on protecting your data  and keeping it available in the face of the unexpected.  We protect data from local failures such as hardware outages, media corruption, network and node loss — just to mention…

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Why your old SAN doesn't scale

Why your old SAN doesn’t scale

This post also appeared as an article in InfoWorld. The speed of flash storage devices has changed how applications should access data and heralded the end of old storage Thanks to virtualization, the efficiency and flexibility of the server side…

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A Web Scale Case Study: Facebook as a File System

A Web Scale Case Study: Facebook as a File System

This week at OSDI (the research conference on Operating System Design and Implementation), Facebook presented the latest in a series of papers that they have written over recent years that document the evolution of their storage system. Given the enormous…

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