Architecting Large Virtualization Environments Using Web-Scale Storage

Architecting Large Virtualization Environments Using Web-Scale Storage

When virtualization first came on the scene earlier this millennium, projects were generally limited to non-strategic server consolidation efforts and ancillary services. Mission critical services remained firmly in the physical world. Over the next few years, though, as the hypervisor…

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The Five key Characteristics of Web-Scale Storage

The data center needs to change… and fast!  Legacy data center models are simply not able to keep pace with current and emerging business needs.  Moreover, even some modern data center architectures are more focused on technical outcomes rather than…

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2014 Web-scale Storage report

2014 Web-scale Storage Report [Guest Post]

What does web-scale storage mean to you?  How are people’s existing environments configured?  Are they ready or not ready to leverage some of the significant benefits that web-scale storage brings to bear?  Do people even understand what web-scale means? These…

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Coho Data's Xen Heritage

Coho Data’s Xen Heritage

A couple of years ago, the core  of the XenSource team left Citrix with the conviction that a new generation of infrastructure software – developed to support massively scalable public clouds – could revolutionize enterprise computing. We had been developing…

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