The Five key Characteristics of Web-Scale Storage

Web-scale storage

The data center needs to change… and fast!  Legacy data center models are simply not able to keep pace with current and emerging business needs.  Moreover, even some modern data center architectures are more focused on technical outcomes rather than business ones.  When looking at the state of many data centers, particularly when it comes to storage, it’s no wonder that there is often a gap between IT and the rest of the business.  IT simply doesn’t have the tools that it needs to be as flexible as the business demands.

Enter web-scale storage

Gartner predicts that web-scale IT overall will, over the next few years, become a dominant force in data center architecture.  One of the things that starts to happen, though, when Gartner makes these kinds of predictions, is that every vendor under the sun tries to align their product as a part of the hot new trend.  Web-scale storage – which shares the same benefits and outcomes as full web-scale IT – is a part of this trend.

It’s important to understand the characteristics that comprise web-scale storage so that there is a baseline against which to measure whether or not a selected storage solution really meets the full range of characteristics that define the technology.

This white paper guides the reader through the five major characteristics that define web-scale storage:

·       Horizontal scaling enables capacity and performance on demand

·       Shared nothing storage architecture eliminates risk of complete storage outages

·       Multiple tiers of storage with automated management of tiers minimizes administrative overhead and lowers total cost of ownership

·       Commodity hardware helps bring down total cost of solution, leading to improved return on investment

·       Minimal management of storage further reduces total cost of ownership and helps IT respond to business needs with more agility

It is this combination of characteristics that enables web-scale storage to meet ongoing business demands in a way that is cost-effective both from a procurement perspective as well as in ongoing operations.  Web-scale storage brings to IT the kind of storage flexibility that is critical to modern business.

Learn about this and other business outcomes in this latest white paper from Coho Data and ActualTech Media.

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