2014 Web-scale Storage Report [Guest Post]

2014 Web-scale Storage report

What does web-scale storage mean to you?  How are people’s existing environments configured?  Are they ready or not ready to leverage some of the significant benefits that web-scale storage brings to bear?  Do people even understand what web-scale means?

These are some of the questions that are answered in our 1st Annual Web-scale Storage Report – created jointly between Coho Data and ActualTech Media.  With responses from over 200 enterprise executives and administrators, we have sliced and diced the data in order to assess organizational readiness and understanding of this increasingly popular storage strategy.

The results report shows that while enterprises are aware that agile companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter are leveraging dynamic ‘web-scale’ technologies in managing dynamic workloads, respondents weren’t necessarily able to agree on what web-scale means for their organization.

The findings further showed that managing capacity growth and performance simultaneously has proven elusive with legacy storage – with respondents now placing equal importance on both capacity and performance. Virtualization and VDI demands also continue to increase the levels of agility required to meet the demands of the business.

The level of interest in the burgeoning web-scale storage space makes it clear that this is a trend that deserves attention and respondents to the survey agreed. Most respondents are either actively undertaking or are planning to evaluate the potential merits of web-scale storage for their own organizations.

Survey Highlights

·       55% of respondents are currently evaluating, or interested in evaluating, web-scale alternatives to traditional storage arrays

·       43% of respondents have virtualized over 70% of their data center environment

·       59% of respondents are unconcerned with reliance on ‘commodity’ hardware as long as they can see the software-driven performance and flexibility gains they need

·       60% of respondents are managing more than two storage protocols within their current environment.

·       63% have 10GbE in deployment or are planning to deploy this year.

·       43% of respondent environments have Hyper-V in production

 This report is a must-read for IT executives and administrators looking to compare their storage environments against their peers, and understand how web-scale storage architectures differ from traditional array-based approaches.


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