Field Day delegates descend on Coho Data

Coho Data presented a session at the third Virtualization Field Day (VFD) yesterday.

For the uninitiated, these Field Days are mobile mini-conferences led by Mr Stephen Foskett (@SFoskett). Stephen and his staff, hand-picks the cream of independent bloggers, social media masters, and subject-matter sages; bundles them aboard transport, and shuttles them around different sessions.  Think the A-team in a limousine. (Sorry, obligatory youtube clip of Stephen AKA Hannibal)

Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can host the Virtualization Field Day team.

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Bright and Early

So bright and early yesterday morning, following the previous night’s event soiree, the team bundling into our office in Sunnyvale. Andy Warfield (@andywarfield), Coho Data’s CTO led the charge.  Andy took everyone through a fascinating tour of the DataStream 1000 itself and why Coho Data made the engineering decisions that it did. Then, he dived deeply into flash storage technology and how to make efficient use of it. Next, Andy covered the architecture of the distributed system including an awesome demo to explain the rebalancing and resyncing mechanism at work. Last, he described how the DataStream 1000 incorporates Software-defined Networking (SDN) switches to make VM-level load-balanced paths to the scaled-out storage nodes.

The crowd went wild!

Well; there was certainly a furious rush of very complimentary tweets.


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The Home Stretch

Then I stepped up for the last quarter of the game. Personally, as a blogger/author/tweeter/VMUGer I’d always expected to attend a Field Day or two at some point in the future. It was firmly on my virtualization bucket list but the stars hadn’t align as yet. However, I’d never expected to be stood at the front with a whiteboard marker in one hand and powerpoint clicker in the other. After joining Coho Data only weeks before, and now no longer capacitated with non-vendor status, this was my ticket for a Field Day. Funnily enough, unbenounced to me, Stephen told me hours before that he and Tom (@networkingnerd) had planned to invite me to this particular Field Day event as a delegate. But later had to remove me from the list when they’d heard I accepted the gig at Coho Data. Yet more happenstance???

I ran through a session explaining the nuances of caching and tiering with vSphere storage, how we at Coho Data use outrageously fast flash to tier data and drive insane performance, and a lightening-quick demo in our UI to show to how we can clearly identify when workloads exceed their flash.

The highlight for me was Andy announcing the General Availability (GA) of our first product. Although I’d only recently joined the team at Coho Data, there was a lot of pride in the public reveal.  I know how hard the team has been working to build the best storage product possible, and it was great that such an important company announcement was made at such a community-focussed, grassroots event.  Coho Data really gets the importance of listening to the virtualization community.

During the event there was lots of excellent questions from the delegates, and several flowing in from the twitterverse and online video-stream viewers.  Overall, I think the session was a great success and everyone enjoyed themselves.

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Watch the videos of Coho Data presenting at Virtualization Field Day here.

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