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Invisible is the future of storage.

Definition: Invisible [n-viz-uh-buh l] adjective; hidden from
public view, operates with minimal effort and investment.

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Cloud vendors have removed the provisioning and management of storage from customer view, making it invisible. Shouldn't your enterprise storage be invisible as well?

The Coho Data platform is the only enterprise storage solution that delivers the invisibility of cloud with true scale-out performance and a 75% reduction in TCO.

Why isn't your storage Invisible?

The Business Problem

Traditional storage is at odds with the priorities of the modern enterprise. Administrators spend their time thinking about storage mechanics rather than growing the business.

The Technical Problem

The advancement of flash technology is accelerating too quickly for existing platforms to deliver their full value without creating performance bottlenecks.

The Financial Problem

As modern, information-centric applications accelerate data growth, inflexible legacy storage systems now require more capital and operational expense than the value they create.

Coho Data is the only company to converge software-defined storage, software-defined networking, and commodity hardware to provide cloud invisibility and true scale-out.
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We are trying to get our datacenter into a framework that allows us to scale with the business — that's why we chose Coho.

James Martin, VP of Network Operations, Colony Networks

We literally had it up and running in 15 minutes. It could not have been any easier. It was amazing.

James Mauser, Computer Applications Coordinator at Florida Atlantic University

Scaling from 2 to 4 Coho DataStream MicroArrays doubled both the capacity and performance without reconfiguring any server or application.

Russ Fellows Senior Partner, Evaluator Group

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