Rack-Scale Converged Infrastructure for Enterprise Cloud

Why Coho?

Hyperscale companies like Amazon and Google aren’t using monolithic storage arrays to offer web-scale infrastructure. Instead, they have pioneered architectures that leverage commodity hardware with object based distributed storage software to enable storage to be delivered as an on-demand service for dynamic environments.

Coho Data’s Rack-Scale software defined architecture converges software-defined storage, software-defined networking, and commodity compute hardware to provide the same cloud-like scale and simplicity for your enterprise cloud

What is Rack-Scale Converge?

A Rack-Scale converged platform offers all the benefits of a typical hyperconverged solution without its limitations. The solution provides the simplicity of hyperconverged solutions but at a rack-scale where customers can scale compute and storage independently to align with workload needs.

Coho Data’s Rack-scale architecture eliminates these limitations by moving the storage controller into the network and offering a SDN optimized intelligent data platform that allows for disaggregated scaling of compute and storage and linear scale of performance.

Why Choose Rack-Scale Converge?

The Business Problem

Traditional storage is at odds with the priorities of the modern enterprise. Administrators spend their time thinking about storage mechanics rather than growing the business.

The Technical Problem

The advancement of flash technology is accelerating too quickly for existing platforms to deliver their full value without creating performance bottlenecks.

The Financial Problem

As modern, information-centric applications accelerate data growth, inflexible legacy storage systems now require more capital and operational expense than the value they create.

Coho Data's rack-scale approach to network integration, workload unification, multi-tenancy/ QoS and containers-as-a-service has the potential to deliver significant TCO savings to enterprises while leveraging the IT model they are used to where storage and server teams get to focus on what they do best.

Scott Sinclair Senior Analyst, ESG

We get all the benefits of a cloud storage service in our own datacenter with better performance—which directly translates to better service for our customers.

Isaac Levenson Tiva Software

We’ve already seen a 40 percent increase in performance and know we can easily scale our storage cluster as we grow, without interrupting service.

James Martin, Colony Networks

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